Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My 1955 Meteor


                It is 54 years since my 1955 Meteor was manufactured.I bought it in 1958.It was a big heavy car with lots of chrome on the large shiny bumpers.It was two tone with a sun visor,a reddish brown colour at the bottom and a cream on the top.It had a factory built radio with shiny push buttons.The aerial  was on the right front fender.I put new tires on it, black because whitewalls cost another five dollars.In winter time I used retread snowtires. I don’t remember doing any work on the V8 engine other than the yearly fall tune up,new spark plugs and points,then the car would start well all winter long.Over the years though I did a lot of body work myself.I used fibre glass kits and spray bombs from Canadian Tire.It didn’t look like a professional job but it was solid and I got some satisfaction in keeping my car looking pretty good with a small outlay of cash.The front fenders rusted out badly with large holes appearing. When I was finished with the fibre glass that was the strongest metal on the car.I used to wax the car to bring out the shine.The water would bead off the finish.
                Looking back over the the cars of this era now they  seemed to be so big powerful and heavy. The bench seats  were wide and you could curl up and sleep comfortably on them.I put seat covers on them.This Meteor was a fast car and I enjoyed its performance. My next car  a 1962 Ford Galaxie V8 was slightly smaller,seemed lower to the ground but was every bit as powerful. Such are the memories of my old cars.

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