Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My 1952 Ford

               I remember the  second car that I owned was a 1952 Ford V8 sedan, green in colour.I bought it in 1958.I was told it was a one owner car the previous owner being a nurse.It was in perfect condition and very powerful.I remember the bench seats,the dashboard with the many round knobs.The speedometer needle had a little circle at the end of  it  which would circle the numbers on the speedometer as you increased speed.It would sit steady at 50 miles per hour at the straight upright position. You could darken all the lights on the dashboard or turn them up full. I put the radio from my first car a 1948 Studebaker Commander-in –Chief in it. Radios did not come automatically in cars in those days, it was an added luxury to have one.
                I drove on a lot of gravel farm roads in those days and one had to use a light foot on the gas pedal or you were jumping forward,gravel flying out from under the rear wheels in all directions. The gear shift was on the steering column. It was a thin chrome stick with a round knob on the end and it was so easy to switch gears.The car would just leap forward. This car had a boxy design,plenty of chrome with solid big bumpers.The windshield was divided down the centre and the wipers were small compared to today’s design.
                These were the days when everyone put snow tires on in the winter.I bought retreads then drove them all summer until the tread was completely worn away.The car had a manual choke and it was a pleasure to start up on a very cold winter morning. Everything was stiff and solid but all you had to do was pull out that choke,turn the key and the car roared right into life first try.That engine had a solid sound to it.The car was fairly light and as I said peppy. I remember telling my friends I didn’t think cars manufacturers  could ever make a better car. Well surprise, surprise ! I even had to roll the windows up by hand on this one.I had to buy my own side view mirror and there still weren’t any turn signal indicators on the cars.Still it was a very good car.The engine never wore out the body did.
                But my next car a 1955 Meteor with the long fins and pointed fenders had many more places for dirt to collect and rust to show up. Still if I could drive my boxy 1952 Ford V8 to-day I would be a happy man.

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